Akita Matsui Trading 秋田松井 Research

Akita Matsui Trading has a renowned research department is based in Shanghai, China. With the brightest talent in the industry working for us, we base our research around information that has been gathered from reputable sources.

Our process includes advanced technical analysis, fundamental analysis and macro-economic analysis. This drives us to an investment strategy for our retail and corporate clients.

Dedicated Research

We have a dedicated in-house research department that generates unique trading materials. Our staff love what they do and are always progressing.

Credit Agencies

The research team consistently analyse corporate companies with the most recent ratings from internal and external agencies.

Corporate Reports

Our research department has access to priority annual company reports, with a covering Akita Matsui Trading report.

Research Reports

Our research reports are exceptionally prepared for our clients using traditional methods of value investing and advance technical analysis. Followed by a clear breakdown in the company’s balance sheets, price to earnings ratio, earnings per, share etc.

The report ends with a fundamental basis, identifying the reason behind the trade for a better understanding in the long term to warrant a buy, hold or sell conviction.