Private Client Services

Private Client Services

Akita Matsui Trading provides three main accounts you are able to choose from. If you are at all uncertain about which account you should select, please contact us and speak to an advisor who will be happy to guide you to the account best suited for your financial aspirations.

Advisory Account

We offer an ‘Advisory Account’ for those clients who prefer to take a more direct and active approach to their investments. If you’re interested in accessing our library of investment reports and market commentary, then this is the account for you.

You will be assigned a personal financial advisor, who will be your point of contact and guide you through the reports. Additionally, they will break down each investment trade clearly for you, without the financial jargon attached.

The final decision is yours on all trades, our financial experts will highlight the best opportunities for you as recommendations. It is then down to you to choose which ones you would like to participate in.

For more information contact us today at [email protected]

Execution-Only Account

Our ‘Execution-Only Account’ allows you to access and choose from a wide range of instruments and asset classes with low commission rates and spreads with low commision rates.

We recommend this account for more experienced clients that would simply require a trader to execute trades on his/her behalf while taking advantage of our low commission rate.

Akita Matsui Trading Execution-Only Account has multiple benefits such as:

  • A wide range of assets and instruments
  • Access to exotic foreign exchange currencies
  • Low commission rates and spreads

If you would like to find out more about the markets you can trade, please email us at [email protected]

Discretionary Account

To those clients who wish for their account to be entirely managed by Akita Matsui Trading, we offer our ‘Discretionary Account’ which will enable us to maintain and work on your portfolio for you, allowing you to have more time to yourself.

We have an extensive set of materials and resources which our team of experts will use. Our research team will find the most appropriate trades and diversify your portfolio with a mixture of asset classes.

There are multiple benefits for using the Discretionary Account, such as:

  • Expertise knowledge and execution for a competitive fee
  • Encouragement for clients to take an active part and let us know ethical requirements
  • Access to weekly, monthly or quarterly report showing a clear breakdown of trades and profits
  • A managed portfolio aligned with your personal objectives and risk profile

For more information contact us today at [email protected]