Our People

Our People

At Akita Matsui Trading we have an honest and open code of ethics that reflects our behavior to and from each other. The culture derives from our philosophy which encourages transparency between our management team and clients.

We constantly strengthen our business to ensure that our values are kept, which in turn helps to build the long-term stability of the company.

Personal Development

Investing significant resources and time into our employees is essential at Akita Matsui Trading, this enables our staff to grow, progress and succeed whilst doing the same for the company.

We know that a mixture of different personalities and backgrounds require different management strategies in order to progress, so we ensure our staff training programs are individually tailored. All employees are given 100% from us to give them the best opportunity to excel in their field which is constantly being improved.

The Value of Diversity

Diversity is an integral part of the company, at Akita Matsui Trading we thrive from the individuality of our employees.

We live in a fast-moving world that is constantly changing; with a mixture of diverse members of staff, we can continue in providing unique ideas and solutions while maintaining prosperity and support to our clients.