Message From Our CEO

Message From Our Chief Executive Officer

Firstly, I would like to welcome you to Akita Matsui Trading.

We have developed into a reputable investment brokerage since we began fourteen years ago. Within this time, we have provided clients from all over the globe with exceptional financial services.

Over recent years, we have continually grown both our corporate and retail investment divisions. Today, we have now accumulated just over $8.3 billion U.S Dollars of assets under management. This is an achievement that demonstrates our success built from superior knowledge and proficiencies.

The success of the company is produced from our highly skilled staff following the Akita Matsui Trading investment philosophy, a combination which differentiates us from our competitors. We act on integrity and ensure all clientele have a voice. It is our pleasure to meet your expectations and work together with you in order to achieve your goals, in your time frame.

With currently over five thousand clients both private individuals and corporate institutions, it is vital that Akita Matsui Trading has enough staff to ensure each client receives quality service. Therefore, we continue to expand our offices across Asia and have over three hundred employees to date.

I am a firm believer in providing our clients with a comprehensive suite of wealth management products and solutions to suit them personally. Always adhering to our philosophy; to preserve and grow our client’s capital while providing an unparalleled level of service and care.

From myself and on behalf of the board, we look forward to working with you and achieving joint success over the years to come.

Mr. Takishima Masuhiro

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Akita Matsui Trading 秋田松井