IPO Listings

IPO Listings


Over the last decade, Akita Matsui Trading has been an integral market participant for numerous Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) to date.

The most common way to attract investments into a corporate business is in the form of equity debt via a stock exchange. Using an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on a listed public stock exchange will permit a company to attract investment capital for a long-term holding.

Preparation is the largest and most important factor to determine a company’s success or failure when listing on a public stock exchange. There are various strategies and complex models used to ensure that the company is at the right stage to introduce itself to the market, which can help gain the correct visibility to ensure maximum exposure.

Akita Matsui Trading is here to guide you through the many obstacles that are present, we assist our clients by providing details and extensive reports before and after the IPO period.

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