Investment Capabilities

Investment Capabilities

Akita Matsui Trading offers a wide range of investment solutions for our clients both retail and corporate. We believe in a tailored approach to meet personal goals and aspirations of our clients.

Our investment solutions are used by: ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWI), Private Family Offices, Corporate Companies, Institutions, Government Organisations, Hedge Funds and more.

We offer three main accounts for retail investors who wish to trade the financial markets. Each type of account differs depending on your experience and financial outlook.

Trade multiple asset classes from one account.


Akita Matsui Trading offers an ‘Advisory Account’ best suited for clients who prefer to take a more direct and active approach to their investments.


Our ‘Discretionary Account’ enables clients to sit back and let Akita Matsui Trading manage their account entirely. Enabling our staff to use their expertise to maintain and work on your portfolio for you.


The Akita Matsui Trading ‘Execution-Only Account’ allows clients to access and choose from a wide range of instruments and asset classes with low commission rates and spreads.

Global Equities

Clients can speculate and gain from long and short positions, depending on the instruments you choose. You will have access to the largest publicly listed companies on over fifteen exchanges.

Foreign Exchange

You are able to trade on the worlds most liquid market, with over thirty popular currency pairs such as: GBP/CHF, JPY/USD, EUR/USD and more.


Three classes of commodities can be traded, with the ability to purchase futures and options on: Energy, Metals and Agricultural. All trades are instantly completed.